They were single, and Married.  They were alone, and they were family men.  They were farmers and businessmen, architects, and clergymen.  They belonged to one of the most honored, well-fought men of the Union Army.

They were the men of the Sixth Pennsylvania Cavalry, Rush's Lancers. Here are a few of their stories and words.

"Today, the 6th Pennsylvania is remembered chiefly for its anachronistic weaponry. But it was the regiment's combat ability--its tactical skill, its savviness, its tenacity--that made it memorable in 1863-65."--Cavalry Historian Edward G. Longacre, March 20, 2000.

Headquarters, Military Division of the Gulf
New Orleans, La.
February 5th, 1866

Rev. S. L. Gracey, Chaplain, &c.

Dear Sir:

Your communication of January 7th was duly received, and it is with great pleasure I hear of the intention of the officers of the 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry to prepare a history of the campaigns of that regiment.

No organization in either the regular or volunteer service enjoyed a more enviable reputation in every respect, and its services were of so valuable a character to the government that every endeavor was made by me after its muster out in 1864 to have an organization formed, the nucleus of which should be such officers and men of the original regiment as were desirous of again entering the service.

I congratulate you and the officers and men formerly connected with the 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry on the abundant pleasing material at your disposal from which to make a history.

I am, sir, very respectfully,

Philip H. Sheridan
Major-General, U.S.A.

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